Vinicius Zorin-Machado
00:00 / 46:23

Season 1 Episode 1

In our first ever episode, I had the honor of speaking to none other than Vinicius Zorin-Machado. Known for Nomar on Power Season 1 and Tony Chessani from True Detective. In this episode we discuss success in marriage and in the career. All of this during Covid-19.

Ryan Chiaverini
00:00 / 50:30

Season 1 Episode 2

Ryan Chiaverini,  Co-Host of Windy City Live on ABC7 Chicago, discusses the importance of sports to help with character building attributes as well as using his passion to give back!

Dr. Brian Fletcher
00:00 / 30:38

Season 1 Episode 3

I had the great honor and pleasure of speaking to a hero in this episode! Dr. Brian Fletcher is an ER doctor in Los Angeles who tirelessly, and with a loving heart, fights day and night to help people! We focused on Covid-19, primarily,  and it is incredibly informative to hear what Dr. Fletcher has to say! Let's follow his recommendations, so we can help stop the spread! 

Richard Gallion
00:00 / 53:43

Season 1 Episode 4

Director, Actor, Producer, and Playwright Richard Gallion opens up about the struggles he's faced but how he fought to not be held back by his circumstances through the arts and sports. 

Art Sims aka "Chat Daddy"
00:00 / 39:48

Season 1 Episode 5

Self-made talent from Chicago, Art Sims or better known as Chat Daddy, discusses his 26 year career in the entertainment world and how he still remains not only relative but also still so influential. 

Arisce Wanzer
00:00 / 50:51

Season 1 Episode 6

Transgender supermodel, Arisce Wanzer, came to LA to quit modeling and live a simpler life only to find the highest level of success awaiting her in sunny California, putting her on the map worldwide while changing lives.